Our mission is to help you feel in control of your money, understand your options and make confident financial decisions.

Our services are designed for people aged 25-45 with successful careers or who have set up in business. We have a team of financial planning experts who work via video calls with people around the UK.

The Bright Financial Future Programme™

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This ground-breaking and unique programme will help you understand, and continually improve your financial situation. And with a choice of modules available to build your programme, each aspect of your financial life gets the spotlight.

Working alongside your personal financial planning coach means you have full support, tips and guidance throughout. We also suggest actions to take after each session to keep you on track.

As you venture further into your plan, you will explore and refine goals, building a clear picture of what the future will look like, and how to get there. You’ll boost your knowledge about money, increase your confidence and start making more assured decisions about building and protecting your wealth.

This programme is suitable for everyone! Whether you’re a complete beginner or have lots of experience in financial matters, and have your own business, your personal financial planning coach will pitch the content at the right level for you.

Financial product advice

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As part of your plan, you may sometimes need advice about financial products. We can give you advice about which specific financial product is best for you and why. We can also recommend whether you should make changes to a product you already have, such as an investment or pension plan.

Our advice is independent (we aren’t tied to, or controlled by anyone) and we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We charge simple, fixed prices for our advice.

You must be subscribed to the Bright Financial Future Programme™ to use this service.

Services for employers

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Did you know our programme is available to employers too? There is a strong link between financial well-being and mental health - so we think all employers should provide financial coaching as a benefit to their employees.

We can deliver training sessions and workshops to groups, with Q&A time to seek guidance on a range of matters from a financial expert. Available with a huge range of topics to help people see things more clearly, focus and succeed.

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