Financial well being for employees

There is a strong link between financial health and mental health - so why not join the thousands of employers around the UK who now encourage greater financial well being for their teams?

People who are financially content are shown to provide greater focus, responsibility and commitment. Often, if people have money worries, it can distract them from focusing fully at work. If people feel like a number, they may not put 100% in - but if they have a personal goal or a target which forms part of their financial life plan, it could unlock untapped potential.

If you’re an employer, working with Neon can help you meet these objectives:

  • Employee engagement with your business, by providing a benefit that has real everyday value. Happy employees are less likely to seek employment elsewhere, be more productive and its a nice thing to do :-)

  • Improve employee financial understanding, with support and tools enabling them to budget, save and achieve their goals, rather than just living from payday to payday.

  • Retain your employees, who will be managing their finances better, so they are less inclined to keep moving for a small increase in pay.

  • Improve external stakeholders and suppliers view of your business.

  • Improve corporate social responsibility scores and public perception, because you take care of your employees.

How it works

We recommend providing your employees with full or subsidised access to our Bright Financial Future Programme™.

We are also able to come to your place of work and engage with your team directly, providing workshops tailored to their needs. All with the aim of putting them in a more informed position around their finances. We charge by the half day, plus expenses.

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