No one wants to think about the impact of a sudden, unpleasant event.

But a part of you is probably worried about what would happen if something happened to you, your partner or even your children. An injury or illness that takes you out of work for months. A serious, life changing illness or disability. Redundancy. Even death.

Some of these things would have a short term impact, and you can put yourself in a strong position to cope if you have a Plan B. That might mean a good savings pot that you can use as an emergency buffer. Perhaps parents can step in to help. Perhaps you can cut back on spending for a while.

For many, it makes sense to have insurance, or ‘cover’ in place, so if the worst happens, you can make a claim and get the money or treatment you need. Then you can focus on getting yourself sorted out and on your feet again.

You can organise personal life cover, medical insurance and critical illness insurance yourself and there are comparison sites to help. But it’s difficult to be sure which is the right policy, how long to have it in place for, and whether the cost is competitive. Cheapest isn’t always best.

Another consideration is who any claim money would be paid to. It actually needs some thought, and advice can be valuable. Let us help you get it all done properly.

If you have a business, there will be an impact on turnover and/or profit if you’re out of action for a while. And if there are several of you in the business, you will usually want to buy each other’s shares if one of you dies. But you need to have the money ready to do that.

If you’re looking at life or health insurance for business owners, it’s complex and vital to make sure they’re set up correctly. It’s easy to slip up with this and difficult to fix later.

Our protection service analyses your current situation, and looks for weak spots. If you’re a business owner, we can look at your business as part of that assessment too.

Because we are independent, we can find the right kind of plan that suits you best from all of them out there.

So if you’re worried about the impact of any of these on you, your partner or children, or your business, we can help:

  • Being unable to work due to accident, injury, sickness or unemployment.

  • Having a serious illness, including critical diagnoses of things like cancer.

  • Needing medical treatment from a private hospital rather than the NHS.

  • Passing away.

Once you have told us your situation and what your main worries are, we will recommend what type of protection insurance would work best for you. We will put together a short written summary and then book a 30 minute phone/online video session to talk it through with you. When you’re ready, we can get it all set up easily by phone.

Cost of our advice

This service is paid by the insurance company, via the premiums you pay. The amount we are paid depends on the type, and amount of insurance you need.

Important note

This service provides you with a regulated personal recommendation. You can read about the difference between financial guidance and regulated personal recommendations in our Service Terms.

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