Who we are

We’re financial planners, passionate about helping people make the best financial decisions and achieving their goals.

We’re highly qualified and experienced in what we do. There’s not much we don’t know or haven’t seen before. Honestly!

The neon story

Rebecca Aldridge and Jon Page are the founders of neon. We’ve worked together a long time. And, so far as money and life is concerned, we both agree on a few things.

  1. Enjoying life is more important than money. But we need money to give us the freedom to fully enjoy life.

  2. Money can seem complicated. We are expected to know what to do with our money without ever being taught. Clear information is hard to come by. Having a plan will definitely give you a better chance of reaching your goals.

  3. We know most people are cautious about trusting financial services companies, and we are too. We built neon to paint a fresh image of advice. We don’t want to sell you stuff. We want to work with you to create a plan.

  4. We love what we do. We get a buzz from helping people make important decisions which can change their lives. We treat everyone with kindness and respect. As a result, we have a great work mindset.

  5. Flexibility is the new normal for us, and we build this efficient approach into the way we work for you. We don’t want to work strict 9-5 hours or be tied into contracts. We work smart and create a good balance between work and personal life.

We set up neon in 2018 because we know financial planning makes a massive difference to people’s lives. In particular, we wanted to connect with people in their 30’s and 40’s who are in starting to think about things more than a year ahead. Why? Because the majority of financial planning advice in the UK is aimed at people over 50 who are looking to plan for retirement and later life. It’s usually provided in a traditional face-to-face way, by someone of the same age and the way that they charge means you need to be wealthy already in order to afford it.

We knew there was a room for a different approach. So we made one: neon.

Neon is part of a financial planning family. Rebecca is also the founder of an award-winning, Chartered Financial Planning business called Balance: Wealth Planning which provides more complex holistic advice, mainly to people over 50 who are looking at big life changes, like retirement or selling a business. We share the same strong support team, so everything runs smoothly.

What our clients say

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what other people think of neon, these are extracts from our Google reviews:

“I had a brilliant experience, it was so lovely to deal with real people”

“The whole process was smooth and pain-free”